Messepräsentation Rheinmetall MK30

The Arms Control Act made it nearly impossible for our customer Rheinmetall to present its products at trade fairs in other countries.

But: There is always a solution.


We developed this solution using the MK 30 as an example.
The weapon is built on a natural scale – but in aluminium as a model. To make the mock-up more attractive and informative, the components are partly “disassembled ” and illuminated with LEDs. This way, attention is generated at the show. The function of the gun becomes visible. The model has a premium look due to anodized surfaces.






The concept from our presentation for the exhibition design. Here: The weapon model on the display with the corresponding graphics on a separate platform.






The packaging concept from our design presentation. The model is detachable to simplify transport significantly. An ingenious system allows the model, together with its platform and display, to be reduced to the specified size.








Once it is folded up, it can be stored in the specially designed transport box. This case also serves to protect the model, so it can be shown again and again at trade fairs.

All parts in a functional overview for assembly instructions: