Many designers deliver beautiful pictures to their customers, which often cannot be converted into a product with the required functions at the planned costs.

Target Design is different:

A deep technical understanding paired with our knowledge from many completely different industries enables us to work realistically already in the phase of the first conception.

Dimensions such as market requirements and trends, our own positioning, production, etc., are systematically included, so that interactions between these individual dimensions are identified and optimally weighted.

As a co-innovator, we work closely with the client’s teams to develop creative solutions, translate ideas into realisable designs and actively accompany the new product from concept to prototype and market entry.

Strategic challenges and the creation of innovative products can best be mastered if different perspectives are captured, and not only those are involved that bring in industry-typical or company-specific perspectives.
We offer you many years of experience with numerous companies from very different industries, hardly any other design team has such a broad portfolio.