Strategic challenges and the creation of innovative products can best be mastered if different perspectives are captured, and not only those are involved that bring in industry-typical or company-specific aspects. We offer you many years of experience with numerous companies from very different industries. Current examples:

Automotive Design:

Our roots are in the automotive industry. Today, all vehicle manufacturers are equipped with an efficient design department but sometimes when capacity is tight and a tricky task is at hand, we can come into play. Of course, most of this work is subject to secrecy, but some of it has been shown in the public domain, be it an exhibition model such as the Audi Q5 Coastline at the Geneva Motor Show or the Porsche Boxster Design Package. Some works are already legends today, such as the Recaro A8 seat or the prototype LEO City Car which anticipated the Smart with its dimensions and won the 1990 Stuttgart to Berlin Rally on purely electrical power.

Industrial Design:

We understand industrial design as the overall term for the design of all technical goods. Whether it’s a lamp, a drill, or capital goods our philosophy is to create design which combines reason with emotion and integrate this perfectly into the whole world of industrial design. For example, we think it speaks volumes when a sports hotel in St. Moritz chose to install the ‘Montana Saphir’ ski refurbishment machine designed by us in its lobby.

Sporting Goods :

“Anyone who designs such great motorcycles can certainly design a ski binding” said the then chief designer of Marker – Mr. Stepanek – and he was right. This represented a completely new field for us, but we worked with the same passion we apply to everything we do. The result: Marker’s sales quadrupled in the following 5 years. When it comes to sporting goods, it is particularly important to combine function and current trends to create superior products – to implant performance into the product. This is what we do today not only in skiing, but also in mountaineering and cycling.

Bikes :

Motorcycles are our passion. Here we can proudly claim to have made history with Target Design’s first work – the Suzuki Katana Motorcycle Design. However excellent styling isn’t our only area of expertise, we can also think conceptually. With the R100 GS PD for BMW we have not only created a successfully motorcycle from a sales point of view, but also a whole new category of motorcycle – namely the mother of all travel enduros.

Motorcycle accessories is another important element for us and we have accompanied the brand Hepco & Becker from the beginning. Whether Junior or Explorer, our work has always made its mark in the industry. The same applies to motorcycle helmets, the sun visor, for example, which is taken for granted today, is an invention of ours – for Schuberth.

Sanitary :

Our entry into the design of sanitary products began with a bang: Hüppe commissioned us with a “show” shower for ISH. A completely new shower in the luxury segment. The response was so strong that Hüppe then built the “Magna” in series contrary to the original planning. Today, our sanitary range includes the complete water supply, bathroom furniture and bathroom ceramics.

Defence :

Defence technology is still a field in its infancy for professional design. In the past, many in our industry were not aware that it makes good sense to involve designers in the product development process. Defence technology products don’t have to be beautiful either, but their solidity, precision and superiority have to be seen. This is because not only sober facts lead to the decision to purchase; a superior appearance is just as important for the success of the product and the justification of this decision to buy. Together with ergonomics and functionality, this enables us to design a future-proof and successful product in the face of increasing international competition. In the meantime, we have performed numerous impressive services. We can only show here what has already been published.

We are proud of our cooperation with our customers, with some of whom we have been successfully developing new and innovative products for up to 20 years.
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